The Vestry (Trustees) of St. John’s is formed by parishioners who are elected by the parish membership on a three-year cycle. At St. John’s there are 9 elected members plus the treasurer, clerk and the Rector. The treasurer and clerk are appointed by the Vestry annually. The Rector of the parish serves as the chair of the Vestry in its meetings and works closely with its Officers: The Senior Warden (the Rector and membership), the Junior warden (property), the Treasurer, and the Clerk (Secretary) of the Vestry..

Current Vestry Members:

Ian Hutson, Sr. Warden

Lorraine Walker, Clerk of the Vestry

Debbie Stefany, Jr. Warden

Hodge Herry, Treasurer

Elsie Kirton

Russell White

Errol Archer

Joseph Constant

Pam Bryant

Ned Langston

Adaora Igbo

Crystal Green