The goal of this activity is to reach out to as many of our friends and family members to let them know that, at St. John’s Episcopal Church we have a medium which allows for the commemoration of important milestones in their lives and/or of those who are departed. Through this medium it is expected that we would not only be able to raise funds for our parish, but also create opportunities for outreach and fellowship. The Stewardship Ministry asks that it be informed whenever the church is in receipt of a special donation so that the contributor(s) could be appropriately acknowledged.

A colorfully decorated and labeled drop box is located in the narthex of the church for your anonymous contribution to the fund. As indicated, the month that generates the highest amount of funds will be announced in January of the following year. Donations can be made ahead of or after the milestone. We ask that the notes section of checks be used to indicate what the contribution is towards or on the envelope if cash donation is made. Envelopes are available next to the drop box.

All donations will go to support the programs and ministries of St. John’s.

Thank you for your continued support.

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