“The Sunday morning experience” at St. John’s is structured around three services which celebrate the Holy Eucharist (“ the Lord’s Supper”). Our 7:45 a.m. service of the Holy Eucharist is more contemplative as it does not include music.   Our 9:15 a.m. service of the Eucharist is our family service where our youth can have more involvement in the Eucharist. Our 11:15 a.m. service of the Eucharist is enriched with the joy and fervor that springs from singing faithful hymns from across the ages, which include hymns from our African American culture and familiar “gospel hymns.” One addition to both of our Sunday Eucharists is a period of intercessory prayer that is accompanied with laying-on-of-hands and anointing, actions that focus on healing of mind, body and spirit. Those who choose to may ask prayers for themselves, and/or prayers for those they carry in their hearts. The over arching element of our worship is “Holy Communion.” Through receiving the Sacrament, we remember deep in our lives “who we are and whose we are” as we celebrate our Lord’s resurrection and His creation of the Body of Christ, the Church, through the work of the Holy Spirit. A simple time of conversation and fellowship follows each service so that we may develop real friendships with others who are also on the pilgrimage to love and serve the Lord, and to live within the sacred fellowship and spiritual support of the Church.

Children in worship are very important to us. Our children begin Sunday school at 10:30 following the 9:15 am service. We prepare the children at St. John’s to receive communion early in their lives so that they may grow in grace and participate in the fullness of our life in Christ Jesus our Lord. Christian Education – Another important Sunday morning experience is the classes for children and adults to study Christian faith and discipleship. These classes are always open to anyone who wishes to join us. The adult class begins at 10:30 and ends about 11 a.m., just before the 11:15 a.m. service. Short courses and half or whole day retreats are also part of our adult education.