Donations to St. John’s Episcopal Church, Zion Parish

St. John’s Episcopal Church funds its mission through donations from parishioners, the community and through year-round fundraising activities. Donations to St. John’s are tax deductible.

Using the address below, you can send donations directly to St. John’s:

Online Giving

At St. John’s, we are providing the option to make electronic offerings or donations.


Go to your bank and use Zelle to donate or download the Zelle App on your smartphone. Use the church’s email address:

We have also selected VANCO as our eGiving provider to process your offerings and donations electronically. If you select the secure Online tool to submit your offerings or donations, please complete the Online Donation box below. After your transaction is completed, you will receive an e-mail with details of your transaction.

VANCO is trusted by more than 22,000 churches nationwide to provide convenient and secure eGiving tools.

eGiving tools

At St. John’s, we are providing the option to make electronic offerings or donations.


Collect donations and payments from our Website.


A smartphone app that makes eGiving easy from anywhere



An on-site card reader for a quick and easy one-time payment.

Why online giving?

Online giving is an easy and convenient way to make offerings or donations at any time and any place. Such payment transactions can be made from either your saving account, checking account, debit or credit card. The eGiving option eliminates the task of writing checks. In addition, you are able to establish a recurring payment plan for future offerings or donations.

As we look for easy and simple ways to stay current with our financial obligations, we encourage you to consider using any of the eGiving tools described above.
Regardless of the online tools you select, St. John’s will receive a record of your offerings or donations, which will be recorded in our financial record-keeping system. All fees associated with your payment transactions will be the responsibility of St. John’s.

What is Stewardship?

The Episcopal Church defines Stewardship as "Our personal response to God's generosity in the way we share our resources of time, talent, and money." As baptized members of the Church, we are called to stewardship. To be a good steward of God's gifts requires that we use our time and talent to serve God. To be a good steward of God's gifts requires us to give a portion of our money back to God.

As we continue our faith journey, the Church invites us to present our gifts of our life and labor to the Lord. We are planting seeds here at St. John's - and our stewardship requires us to nurture and cultivate these seeds, as they will grow stronger, creating roots deeply embedded in this community of faith. As we grow in our faith, as we plant these seeds, we become missionaries, creating change in our communities, in our workplaces and in our church.

An important principle in our church is the tithe. It is one tenth of one’s income given in thanksgiving to God for his provision and blessings in our lives

Tithing is a special part of our spiritual life. Christian Stewardship reflects our commitment to making God's love known through the realities of human life and our use of all that God has given us. Parish members are encouraged to make an annual stewardship pledge. This pledge represents our specific Christian commitment to work, pray, and give for the spread of the kingdom of God.

Please join me in prayer as we discern how best God is calling us to share our gifts of time, talent and treasure to glorify God in the world. "Bring the full tithe into the storehouse, so that there may be food in my house." Malachi 3:10